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The Porsche factory sent forty five cars that were EPA/DOT compliant to their Porsche Cars North America warehouse in Charleston, South Carolina.  These cars were to be sold to race teams who would be obligated to contract with Andial to turn their car into a full spec Carrera Cup race car. In fulfilling anticipated future sales of the cars and the race series itself, 29/45 of those cars were sent to Andial in Southern California. Of these cars, 25/45 had a complete conversion to a Carrera Cup race car and 4/45 had their clutch discs exchanged, engines sealed and dyno'd and were set aside to be used as “parts cars” in order to service the competing race cars. The other 16/45 cars remained in the Charleston, SC warehouse while all of the above was going on in Southern California." Due to the lack of sponsorship and sales of these race cars, the race series was cancelled before it started, and Porsche required that all 25 Andial race cars be converted back to their street legal status.  All forty fives cars would be later sold through their dealer network as the "Carrera Cup Edition" model.


VIN#561 driven by co-chair

Ken Partymiller.

VIN#575 1 OF 4 Parts

Cars 100% Original

VIN#589 driven by 3rd owner Don Ahearn

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