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Body Stickers, Stamps & Tags

The value of collectable cars have risen considerably over the past twenty five years and the mechanisms that make up those values are increasingly more important. 


Originality seems to be the catalyst to the equation, whether it’s the depth of the paint, the history of the ownership or the mechanical condition, none are more important than the numbers matching components which were factory installed.


As with most of the earlier cars produced by Porsche, the 964 also had body parts that were stamped with a series of numbers which indicated whether they are the original components to the car, or if they had been replaced with another non original part.


In 1983, Porsche started putting an “Option” sticker on each car which was affixed underneath the front hood closest to the latch.  This option sticker would list a variety of numbers and letters most importantly the VIN. It also listed engine and transmission types, country of origin, exterior paint codes, interior material codes, etc. But, not many know that it also listed the body number for the doors, front hood, rear deck lid and also the body itself.  

The Option Sticker...

(1) Body Number 142-3489

(2) VIN Number (known as car #575)

(3) Model Type  964

(4) Engine Type  M6403-82N

(5) Transmission Type G50-10

(6) Paint Code L908 (Grand Prix White)

(7) LT Partial Leather

(8) C02 Country Code - United States

(9a) 220 - Limited Slip

(9b) 231 - Internal Production Code for Tires.

(9c) 403 - 17" Cup Alloy Wheels

(9d) 419 - Rear Luggage Shelf in place of rear seats.

(10) 14011- Some say "Special Wishes"


Option Sticker under front hood

Body Stamping...

Front Hood Stamp #43489 above the compartment light opening. NOTE: Cup and EURO RS cars did not have lights installed as did their domestic counterparts.

Rear Deck Lid Stamp #4 3489 located at the bottom passenger side corner below the rear window.


Body Tag...

Found hidden beneath a piece of duct tape located behind the drivers seat lies the Body Tag. It's a raw piece of rectangular metal with the body number (43489) stamped into in.  This tag is only accessible on Cup and EURO RS bodied cars without soundproofing installed.

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