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Production Photos from Andial

The following photos were taken during the production of the 25 Converted Andial USA Cup cars. Many of these photos have never be publish and contain a wealth of information pertaining to this rare car.  These photos were provided by the Don Ahearn Collection, unless otherwise noted.

Prepping for Roll Cage

Just prior to Roll Cage installation.  Doors and all dash components removed and electrical harness pulled back.

Roll cage mounting area

Grind marks show where the roll cage will be welded in the engine compartment.

Waiting Patiently

Several cars waiting to be built up as race cars. Cages installed, door and rear lid removed.

Next in line

Front hood and valance left intact.

Front Bonnet Area

All stock up front.  Notice the tags hanging from hood. Two paper VIN tags, one for the hood, and one for the maintenance manual.

Engine Compartment

Super clean engine compartment prepped for race engine.  Notice the 9 ½ inch wheel and roll cage mount.

Drivers side entry

After cage installation, Recaro seats and dash components are fitted. Notice the fire extinguisher.

Passenger Side Entry

Safety belts installed as well as drivers net.  Notice the DME Control unit installed behind seat. Cup regulations.

Front Brake assembly

964 Turbo front calipers and discs were used on all cup cars.

Rear Brake Assembly

Rear brake assembly ready to stop on a dime.

Seal of approval

USA Cup Series lead seal on timing cover to insure the motor was not tampered with prior to racing.

Final Race Engine

The final race engine on display at the Andial Cup Series Banquet, and used as a promotional piece to promote the race series to prospective buyer.

Dyno Time!

Fully prepped and adjusted race engine put on a dyno to test its final output.

Dyno time!

Some say the US Carrera Cup cars produced up to 275HP.

Final resting place

Race engine's final resting place before chassis tuning.

Front Truck Area

Clean and ready to go. Note the small battery to shave another three pounds.

Strut Brace

Front Strut Brace attached to the upper strut bracket. Notice the lightweight hood rod which eliminated the front stock front hood shocks.

Another control unit

Tidy front end with seam sealer spotted deep in the corners.

Lovely Display
Another shot
Official Press Photo
Press Photo-3.cropped.jpg
Potential New Owner

Two legends in the Porsche world, IMSA Champion Dennis Aase and World Champion George Follmer check out the new USA 964 CUP, as pending owners and participants of the soon to be cancelled race series.

Done Deal?

Ready to write a check for one of these spectacular cars, both George and Dennis were asked to test drive #1.

Car # 1, VIN 549

Vin # 549 was the first car completed at Andial wearing the number one, plaque # 92001

Press photo of #1

This photos was used many times while promoting the race series.

Press Photo-Cropped.jpg
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