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Three Carrera Cup Types

Converted Cars

Twenty five cars were torn down to their bare chassis, roll cages welded in, then converted into a full blown Cup race car. A container was set up next to each car and every factory part or accessory that was removed off the car and not use in the race car, was carefully wrapped, logged and packed away in the (VIN) numbered container for safekeeping.  Oddly enough, this system would prove most beneficial when Porsche demanded that Andial rebuild the cars back to factory specifications, as so many cars had proprietary parts that were custom fit to each car.  There were however a few parts that were not replaced with factory parts and left on the cars unnoticed and unchecked.  One telltale sign is the two roll cage stubs located in the engine bay that were not accessible for removal and left in place.

After the sale of all forty five cars through the dealership network were finalized and in the hands of the end user, a large percentage of these cars were then reconverted back to race spec by their new owners to be used in a variety of racing organizations around the US.  Our records show that seven of these cars actually returned back to Andial to be reconverted back into race cars using many of the parts that were removed from the cars several months prior.

Parts/Spare Cars

Four “Parts/Spare” cars were set aside that were literally untouched with the exception of getting their engines dyno’d and race tuned, and the standard clutch disc replaced with a four puck racing disc.  Our records indicate that all four cars remain in original condition with varying mileage and have no signs of any racing components or race usage to date.

Port Cars

Similar to the four “Parts/Spare” cars,  the sixteen "Port" cars were untouched and 100% original from the factory and sold as new though the designated dealers.  Our records indicate that the majority of these cars were purchased by race enthusiast and turned into race cars; some more aggressive than others.



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