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Euro Cups vs USA Cups

prototype EuroCupCar.JPG

European/US Cup Car differences if the American series were not cancelled there would have been several differences between the European and American Carrera Cup cars running the same 92-93 season.


European Series

1) Solid Magnesium engine mounts

2) Harder transmission mount

3) Adjustable, spherical bearing rear stabilizer drop links

4) Euro RS rear bumper (saves 11 pounds)

5) Euro RS dummy fog lights

6) Euro RS thin lightweight rear glass (saves 5.5 pounds)

7) Euro RS non-airbag steering wheel

8) 18" 3 piece Speedline wheels.

9) Euro RS windshield washer bottle.

10) European RS wiring harness

11) Chassis without airbag dash and with all N/GT lightening and simplification steps carried out.

12) Manual window winders 


American Series

1) Euro RS hard rubber engine mounts

2) Euro RS transmission mount (softer than RSR)

3) Normal rubber bearing non-adjustable rear drop links (adjustable links were to be a "racers solution" in the USA)

4) American rear bumper

5) American front bumper with red fog light blank off plates.

6) American rear glass with CHMSL

7) MoMo Steering wheel

8) 17" one piece cast Speedline wheels as in 90-92 series.

9) In fender windshield washer bottle

10) American wiring harness with interior lighting, provision for alarm, airbags, power windows

11) Airbag dash chassis without full scope of the N/GT conversion operations namely: rear seat bracket removal, provision for lightweight windshield bottle, removal of bracket for fender mounted water bottle and coat hooks.

12) Electric window winders


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