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Timeline and Internal Documentation

The following information was provided by Porsche Motorsports, which shows a timeline of events that defines the remarkable story of the USA Edition 964 Cup.

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1a-Series Annoucement.JPG

General IMSA Announcement 

November 21, 1991


Toyo Tire Sponsorship Letter

February 28, 1992

1e-Schedule Announcement.JPG

Series Race Schedule  March 13, 1992

1g-Race Car Specs.JPG

Race Car Specification April 1, 1992


1st Potential Participant Letter

November 21, 1991

1d-Series Public Announcement.JPG

Series Announcement to the Public March 13, 1992

1f-Potential Participants.JPG

Potential Competitors Letter April 1, 1992

1h-Order Form.JPG

Race Car Order Form April 1, 1992

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