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Shortly after the 45 Carrera Cup cars were sold to the public, several individuals started and maintained a registry of owners which has continued to this day.

The most recent changes have been the assignment of a new chairman and the renaming of the group which is now called the "Carrera Cup USA Registry"

Our new chairman is Phil Ulrich, who has enlisted the help of fellow co-chairs Chris Stavros and Ken Partymiller to assist him in  reigniting the previous registry and to enhance this website for your enjoyment.

Their goal is also to document the history of all 45 cars produced, from the time of import to present day.  There's a story for each car, and they are determined to share it with the world so that everyone can enjoy the history of these rare and exciting cars.


We have, and will continue to search for any missing cars that are not currently in our database.  If by chance you know of a 1992 Carrera Cup USA Edition that is not currently listed in our directory, please don't hesitate to reach out to us with the owners contact information.  Your help will fill in the gaps and complete the story of these wonderful cars.

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