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The Dash Plaque

All 45 Carrera Cup cars were issued a “Dash Plaque” as part of the Carrera Cup Edition option package.


The information on file points to the fact that the Plaque was assigned to the cars after the series was cancelled by P.C.N.A.  In fact, the dash plaque was not mailed to participating dealers until October of 1992, well after delivery of each vehicle.


The two classes of cars these plaques were intended for differed somewhat. The twenty five “Converted” race cars (by Andial) were issued a plaque which listed the series, VIN and then a completion order designation number, (example 92024) in this case, indicating it was the twenty fourth race car completed.


The remaining twenty unconverted cars were given a slightly different dash plaque. This deleted the completion order designation and centered the VIN number below series name.

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